3D Renderings

High quality and well composed renderings provide clients with the ability to see a fully developed design prior to construction. When used with traditional presentation materials, such as samples and mood boards, your clients will have a much clearer picture of your design intent with a higher likelihood of approval and confidence overall. 



When a rendering is first commissioned by a designer, developer, or client, I ask for all material specifications (aka. furnishings, fabrics, paint colors, trim profiles, accessories, artwork, etc.), dimensioned floor plans, existing condition photographs, and anything else that may impact the level of detail and design intent. The more information provided upfront, the easier it will be to estimate the amount of time it will take to model and formally process the rendering. 

Once I receive all necessary information I provide an estimate for the amount time I think it will take me to produce the high-resolution image(s). Upon approval of the estimate, signed Agreement, and payment of Retainer, the project will be preliminarily modeled into Chief Architect and a 'quick rendering' will be sent for review. This is when the details are tweaked prior to processing the Final Design. 

The processing time (think about an old fashion dark room where the image slowly appears depending on its exposure to chemicals… this is just digital and I can do it in natural daylight) is dependent upon the level of detail and size of the file. Currently, all renderings are developed in Chief Architect software, but I plan to add to that portfolio in the future.

Virtual Design Assistance

Are you super busy, but not quite at the point of hiring an in house assistant? I can help. My background and experience provides an innate understanding of the building industry, design, and documentation. I regularly assist fellow designers with projects and documentation and I feel confident that I can help you!

If you’re interested in working with me, or learning more about my process, pricing, and turnaround contact me to set up a time to chat OR schedule a FREE 20 Minute Consultation.