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5 Tips for Starting Your Own Virtual Design Business

Are you thinking of starting your own virtual design business? Are you curious whether you could strike out on your own or take an offline business online?

Maybe you’ve moved to a new city where the design options are limited. Maybe you’re a new parent who’s looking for a way to keep your design skills sharp while allowing for flexibility in your schedule. Or, maybe, you’re eager to find ways to expand your client base and portfolio into a niche area.

Grow Your Opportunities with a Virtual Design Business

Whatever your reason, starting your own virtual design business is a great way to grow your client roster and work with amazing people from all over the globe. You’ll meet designers and professionals from all walks of life –– people you may not have had the chance to meet had you not taken your business online!

Plus, you’ll have the obvious perk of setting your own schedule and discovering the flexibility to work from your home office, the local coffee shop, or even from vacation. As a military spouse, I’ve been able to follow my husband without sacrificing my career. Building my design business online has given me the privilege of continuing to work seamlessly while moving across the country and honing in on my strongest design skills so that I can use those talents to help other designers.

But, you’re probably wondering, “How do I even go about starting a virtual design business?!”

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4 Reasons High-end Rendering Artists May be the Key to Future Design Trends

Look to a rendering artist for a pulse on what’s coming up next in interior design and decor.

When you present your clients with 3D renderings by a fellow high-end designer and artist, they’re thrilled to get a peek into how their final project will look. A board full of memos and images is wonderful for envisioning the feel and emotion of the room, but the realistic perspective lets a client dive in and visualize the finished space.

Your usual process may incorporate commissioning upscale, high-resolution renderings to bring your concepts, specs, and finishes to life. But, have you ever thought about sitting down with your rendering artist to chat about what they’re loving in the interior design industry right now? Have you considered that perhaps he or she may hold the key to identifying future design trends?

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An Interior Designer's Guide to Home Designer Pro vs. Chief Architect Interiors

So here’s the big question, one that I counsel Interior Designers on regularly, and I mean 2-3 time per week… minimum. Between Chief Architect and Home Designer which version (of the seven) is right for you and why? Well my immediate response is; what do your projects look like and what do you hope to get out of the software?

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